Your Taxi. Your Way.

First things first, as with CMT’s FREEdom SOLUTION, ARRO is exclusively for the Licensed Taxi Trade and that will never change. CMT are committed to providing Payment Systems and Hailing Solutions to Licensed Taxis and to supporting the reinvigoration of the Trade.

Approx 7,500 FREEdom SOLUTION vehicles will be operational at the time launch, all of which are already equipped to run ARRO. Your FREEDom SOLUTION will notify you when ARRO is available for download. ARRO will run through the FREEdom SOLUTION hardware and will use our data … everything is already in place for you.

If you’re not a FREEdom SOLUTION driver but want to use ARRO, we will be making a driver App available for download in the near future.

It is your choice whether or not to install ARRO, just as it is to make yourself available or unavailable for eHails at any time day or night.

But … why ARRO? Why not use another App?

  1. Our Hailing Fee will be market leading and no, we won’t then hike up the % once an introductory period has elapsed … the fee will remain market leading.
  2. All passengers are able to use their ARRO App to pay for their journey, and tip the driver, during the trip! Even a Street Hail passenger can get into an ARRO equipped Taxi, open their App, use their stored card to pay for the fare & tip before the journey is finished. The driver will receive confirmation of this and once at the destination the passenger can get straight out and catch their train or make their meeting. All this without the driver being put under pressure to process a fare in double quick time, after being asked to stop in the road, blocking traffic. This feature is certain to prove very popular with regular commuters and Black Taxi Users.

Coming Soon

We will update this site with more news and information as we get nearer to the Launch.